Become A New Member



     If you are interested in joining our organization, please follow the instructions below.

1.   Print out the ARES / RACES Form, fill it out and sign it.

    ARES / RACES Enrollment Form.PDF


2.   Complete and submit your request for a Volunteer Background Check on line using this link:


    Click on “New Volunteer Record Check”

    For Volunteer Organization Name, enter: Montgomery County Department of Public Safety.

    For Volunteer Organization Telephone Number, enter: (610) 631-6500

 When you receive the results of your background check, print the report, and note your driver’s license number and state on the document.

3.   Mail both documents and a “passport –style” photo to the address shown on the bottom of the ARES / RACES Enrollment Form or bring your forms to our meeting held the 2nd Saturday of every month.



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